Ortus is an independent brand heavily inspired by street subcultures. Fueled by an inner rebellion that seeks to be boundless, we’re accepting the dark and we follow the light. We’re walking the pathless path.

Ortus (in Latin) stands for sunrise, winding up a new beginning and to us, this is a lifestyle, a foundation, a signature with a vision.

The symbol itself represents tree aspects: creation, maintenance, destruction (dissolution). All three aspects are equal, they are the balance, this is life in entirety.

All products are designed with love, custom made, sewed and hand printed by small local manufacturers.

We have many plans and ideas with Ortus and one of them is to make collaborations with other artists from various creative fields.

Ortus is not only about clothing, it supports any way of creative communication as long as it will evoke EXPANDING  •  LOVE  •  FREEDOM

Thank you for visiting us, if you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to say hi, hit us on ortus@ortus.rs